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"Prog rock odysseys, soul-searching ballads & soaring instrumentals"

This musical collection represents more than 2 years of work trying to fulfill a lifetime ambition : to make an album worthy of release. I hope I've finally got there !
All the music was written, performed and recorded by me using my iPad and a handful of music apps, sometimes in my car, sometimes in bed....er...sometimes in the toilet !

Really hope you enjoy :)


released May 30, 2014

Sincere thanks go out to all the fellow musicians, friends and family that have supported my musical journey on Soundcloud and Facebook. I wouldn't have made it this far without your feedback and belief in my music and singing, thank you all so much.

Dedicated to Sarah, Tristan & Lucie x

All artwork © Nathan Jon Tillett



all rights reserved


Nathan Jon Tillett Plymouth, UK

Singer-Songwriter, Digital Artist, Photographer and Film Maker from Plymouth UK.

Also vocalist with UK progressive rock band Napier's Bones.

I compose, perform and record original and personal songs using mainly mobile devices.

Styles include : Prog rock, Soul Ballads & Soaring Instrumentals.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my music :)

Nathan :)
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Track Name: Celestine
She, she came to me
She took my hand, within a dream
She took me far, far away into the brightest light I've ever seen
Far, far away, Celestine

She, she spread her wings
She cut my cord, to earthly things
She flew me high above into a blissful void I've never been
High, high above, Celestine

She, she called me home
She left me changed, but not alone
She left a flame in my soul that will ever-burn my sorrows clean
Flame in my soul, Celestine
Track Name: No time like today
Don’t remember when I lost my way
Can’t recall the close of play
How the hell did blue skies turn so grey ?
Oh oh oh

Don’t remember when I lost control
Can’t recall the day it took my hold
How the hell were things meant to unfold ?
Oh oh oh

There is no use in crying, you’ve gotta find a way
There is no use in denying, you’ve gotta live today
No time like today

I remember when my cares were free
I recall sublime simplicity
Why the hell did that way cease to be ?
Oh oh oh
Track Name: Starfields
Star fields, deep fields,
We crossed the bridge of space and time,
Solar winds scatter our forgotten dreams now dust,
Realities entwine.

Star fields, deep fields,
We left the fabric frayed and torn,
Soaked in the blood of dying stars still screaming light,
A universe reborn.
Track Name: Doin' alright
You, you can't be right all the time,
You, you cannot fight all the time,
Time after time,
Day after day,
Year after year,
You try so hard, you never drop your guard

You, you can't be strong all the time,
You can't play along all the time, you gotta find you're own way
Time after time,
Day after day,
Year after year,
You pay the toll, as you burn your soul

Chorus :
You’re doin’ alright

Nightmare Sequence :
No, gotta keep going,
No, I can't let ‘em down
No, can't get this wrong, I gotta nail this
You want it when ?
Noooo !

Hey...hey you...wake up now...stop trying so hard, you're doing alright

You can't do it all on your own,
You can’t face it all on your own,
Time after time,
Day after day,
Year after year,
You wind up tight, but you’re doin’ alright

Lead Solo

Chorus :
You’re doin’ alright
You’re doin’ alright
You’re doin’ alright
You’re doin’ alright
Track Name: Center of my world
When I gaze into your eyes, I see the universe,
The spark of light ignites the life that grows now so diverse,
When I see you glow, all my fears disperse,
You are the center of my universe

When I step inside your mind, I find a galaxy,
A swirling vortex of ideas, flowing pure and free
Spiralling around your point of gravity
You are the center of my galaxy

When I peer into your heart, I see an honest world,
Free from lies and complication, wings fully unfurled,
Revolving on truth’s axis, the place to which we’re hurled,
You are the center of my world